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Exploring the Universe: Inspiring Children through Space

Our foray into space-themed learning took flight through a remarkable partnership with NASA during the development of Angry Birds Space, back when Fun Academy operated as the Learning Unit of Rovio Entertainment. This exciting journey eventually led to the establishment of Fun Academy as an independent entity.

The awe-inspiring realm of space exploration has captivated young minds, igniting dreams of becoming astronauts. The Future Astronauts program embraces Fun Learning to empower children worldwide, utilizing astronauts as role models and emphasizing the boundless possibilities within their grasp.

Igniting Minds, Nurturing Potential

Our program's design revolves around nurturing essential skills to navigate the uncharted territories of the future. Children engage in mind-training activities, body conditioning, and weekly missions that fuse science, technology, engineering, arts, and math. Collaborative challenges cultivate effective communication and encourage diverse team roles. Rooted in the Fun Learning pedagogy developed at Fun Academy, our hands-on approach fosters experiential learning and reflective thinking, building upon the rich educational legacy of Finland.

Preparing Children for Stellar Journeys

Why did we choose astronauts as the central theme for such young children? Early education lays the foundation for lifelong learning and profoundly influences future paths. From the outset, we aim to instill in children the belief that their potential knows no bounds. Whether aspiring to become astronauts, scientists, artists, or even presidents, they possess the capacity to shape their destinies and solve problems creatively.

An Inclusive Mission

The Future Astronauts program is available worldwide, we train teachers globally, empowering them to deliver the program effectively. In Vietnam, for instance, we trained 500 educators in Dan Nang, fostering local capacity for widespread implementation. By harnessing the transformative power of education, we aspire to equalize opportunities and change the world for the better.

Education as the Catalyst for Change

Transitioning from gaming to education is a natural progression for us. We have long recognized the potential of education to drive societal transformation. High-quality education exists in pockets worldwide, but its equitable distribution remains a challenge we are determined to address. Preparing future generations with essential life skills is imperative, ensuring they can seize opportunities, tackle challenges, and shape a brighter future together.

Honoring the Child

In a world teeming with digital content, reading holds a special place in shaping young minds. While storytelling has ancient roots, the written word offers a new medium for sharing narratives. Research affirms the benefits of reading, nurturing empathy and cognitive development. However, striking a healthy balance between reading and digital skills is key. Above all, we must remember that nurturing human connection is paramount, especially in the early years of a child's life.

Respecting Each Individual

At the core of the Future Astronauts program lies a profound respect for every child. We approach them with curiosity, respect, and a genuine desire to discover their unique selves. In Finland, we firmly believe that children are individuals in their own right, deserving of the same consideration as any other person. Children possess incredible capacity for learning, and their diverse talents shape the world around us. Education should be a collaborative journey, where we learn from and alongside our young learners.

This blog is a retake of Saara Viteli's article. The photo is taken at a Future Astronaut program organized for children during the startup event Slush in Helsinki.


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