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Fun Academy Campus is a course platform for educators. The three-phase course structure is clear and systematic. Your task responses will be compiled into a stylish printable PDF memo, aiding you in transferring knowledge and insights to your daily life.

Parent App

Engage, Interact, and Grow with your 3 to 6-year-olds through our engaging activity tool. Create positive moments, develop as a parent, and enjoy the activities.

🌟 90-Day Trial: Experience the impact on your daily life with our app. Try it out today!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Quick & Easy: These activities are revised from a teacher's manual for seamless home use.

We Create Fun Learning Experiences With

  • International partner projects

  • Collaborative brand experiences

  • Educator training

  • Parent instructions

Engaging Learning Approach

Unleashing the power of fun and engagement with the Fun Learning approach.

Story-Based Learning Solutions

Captivating learners through compelling narratives of the Kip Crew and their world.

The Finland Angle

Harnessing the Finnish education success for inspired learning.

Brand Licensing

Amplifying learning impact through successful partnerships, using our differentiating brand.

Ecosystem Support

Building bridges with curated resources and partnerships for seamless learning experiences. 

International Collaborations

Fostering learning communities through cooperative engagement, while adapting to the local context.

Fun System for Brands

Your brand, with our Fun Learning Approach, reaches children and transforms education


Collaborative pedagogical solutions based on our expert-developed Fun Learning Approach.


Our world of Kip Crew characters and narratives is designed for creative educational brand experiences.

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