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Transformative Learning With Teachers in Zimbabwe

The Fun Learning Educator Basic course, a tried and tested professional development program, debuts on the online Campus platform with participants from nine countries across four continents. Among these countries is Zimbabwe, where educators from Masaisai School in Harare are taking part in collaboration with the great team of the NGO SahWira. This training is part of our broader mission—partnering with schools and their teachers to establish the foundational elements for co-creating a brighter educational future for all children. This shared foundation and understanding build toward a true dialogue and support the development of us as educators.

The course serves as a catalyst for grassroots initiatives, directly benefiting children through the learning experiences of teachers from various corners of the globe. Utilizing a modular approach, the online Campus model guides participants through course modules using a pedagogically designed three-stage approach. This method not only reinforces learning but also encourages educators to reflect on their professional development and link discussions to local contexts and curricula. It's a powerful means of global learning with local implementation, tailored to cultural relevance.

Our goal is to spotlight educators committed to lifelong learning, who serve as role models for children and families, naturally instilling a lifelong passion for learning. We are honored to have the learning-loving staff of Masaisai join our training group!

The most impressive message derived from the feedback of participants is the transformative impact of Fun Learning programs on children's holistic development and educators' professional growth.

"The Fun Learning program has great potential for Zimbabwean children. With adequate materials and resources, the curriculum can truly benefit learners. The play activities promote holistic child development, and as a nursery teacher, I am learning valuable skills to enhance my profession. I eagerly await more Fun Learning programs because, as they say, learning is fun when you love what you do." Mrs. Mhembere, Deputy Head of Fun Academy Masaisai

"Fun Learning empowers learners to develop a wide range of skills necessary for their growth. Through play, learners develop social, physical, moral, emotional, and cognitive skills. Our educators are equipped with valuable course materials that enable them to engage in this holistic approach effectively. This course has not only enhanced classroom practices but also boosted confidence in both learners and teachers." Mrs Hope Bango

“The material promotes bonding by facilitator and learner through peer play, learner appropriate activities, promoted by observations. Learners are catered for holistically.” Kudakwashe Ngwenya

"It's a very good learning program for children if implemented and funded well. Children are inculcated into the education system at a tender age, helping them develop and achieve milestones in an environment where their needs are prioritized. This program allows children to grow authentically and receive professional support where needed. With proper funding, this program could provide countless children with access to quality education at affordable fees." Mrs. Mugabe

“I am so happy to see the enthusiasm and dedication these teachers from Masaisai bring to the Fun Learning Educator Course. These testimonials reflect the program's success in fostering holistic child development and empowering educators with valuable skills and resources. We are committed to continuing to co-create and provide innovative and effective learning experiences that make a difference in the lives of children and educators.” Sanna Lukander, Fun Learning Ambassador

The Campus Company has written a short piece about our program on their blog.

Photo credits: Masaisai, Teachers in Fun Learning training


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