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As part of their commitment to improvement, TTD utilizes the annual audit as a valuable tool for setting development goals across all campuses. The auditing process gives insights to the management, campus leaders, teachers and the Fun Academy trainers, and initiates fruitful discussions between the participants.

The development goals encompass a wide range of initiatives aimed at creating a vibrant and engaging learning environment. They include reducing idle waiting times, embracing a holistic approach to pedagogy throughout the entire day, providing ample opportunities for outdoor exploration and free play, cultivating a love for reading, facilitating meaningful one-on-one interactions between children and staff members, and promoting physical activity. Each of these initiatives is designed to enrich the educational experience and ensure the well-rounded development of the children.

TTD has experienced remarkable growth since its inception. In 2018, they had two campuses serving 60 children. Currently, they have six campuses with approximately 700 children, and they are set to open their seventh campus in June 2024. Looking ahead, they have ambitious plans to expand further, with projections of having 10 campuses and 1,300 children by 2025, and an impressive target of 30 campuses and 5,000 children by 2030.

TTĐ is actively spreading awareness about the Fun Learning approach to a broader audience in Vietnam. Already, over 1,000,000 people have been introduced to this innovative approach through various channels, and a significant number have actively engaged in workshops and sessions focused on discussing and implementing Fun Learning. By joining forces, TTĐ and FAK are steadfast in their commitment to make a lasting impact on early childhood education in Vietnam. Their aim is to ensure that more children benefit from this transformative approach, leaving behind a profound legacy in the field of education.

Continuous Development

Our partner Tan Thoi Dai TTD in Vietnam has made significant strides in training their teachers in Fun Learning over the years and remains dedicated to their continuous development.

Our Achievements

- Teacher training online
- Teacher training onsite
- Annual audits
- Branding cooperation

Tan Thoi Dai, TTD

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