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The Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI has produced the glossary in cooperation with Fun Academy. They have published it in Finnish, Swedish and Ukrainian.

Media literacy necessitates practice and acquiring a grasp of the concepts, along with having a vocabulary to engage in discussions on the subject. While young children easily learn the words, the challenge lies in providing age-appropriate explanations of the concepts. It is crucial to attentively listen to children's thoughts, inquiries, and curiosities, being sensitive to their perspectives.

This digital glossary empowers us to elucidate complex concepts to children and engage in meaningful conversations about how the world operates. It acts as a stepping stone towards fostering proficient media literacy, providing concrete guidance on staying safe in the digital realm. Through this resource, we can take children on a gradual journey, equipping them with the knowledge they need, one small step at a time.

Digital Vocabulary

The Glossary of digital terms for young children is a collection of words and images and their explanations. The glossary is aimed at supporting the development of digital competence of young children. The explanations are intended to stimulate discussion.

Our Achievements

- Draft of word list and explanations
- Illustration

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