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Uplifting Early Childhood Education in Tunisia with Fun Learning

In a collaborative effort, the Tunisian Ministry of Women, Family, and Children joined forces with Fun Academy to enhance early childhood education and care (ECEC) in Tunisia. This partnership aligns with Tunisia's broader strategy for early childhood development and protection, supported by the Nordic Trust Fund and backed by the World Bank and UNICEF.

A Delegation from Tunisia at Fun Academy Workshop

A delegation consisting of officials from the Ministry of Women, Family, and Children, and the Ministry of Education in Tunisia, along with Senior Education Specialists from the World Bank, visited Finland for an enriching experience. During their four-day stay in Helsinki, they explored the best practices of Finnish ECEC and discussed how these practices could inspire reforms in Tunisia.

Transforming the National Curriculum

One of the highlights of the visit was learning about Finland's unique approach to the national core curriculum. Unlike traditional pyramid structures found in many countries, Finland's curriculum is designed as a reversed pyramid, emphasizing the holistic well-being of the child. It provides flexibility for local innovation and enables personalized learning to cater to each student's needs. This child-centric approach allows teachers to adapt the curriculum without compromising on the quality of education.

A Delegation from Zimbabwe

The Education Committee Chairmanof the Parliament of Zimbabwe and Education Ministry members embarked on a weeklong study tour to Finland, organized in partnership with the Embassy of Zimbabwe for Sweden, Finland and Estonia, and SahWira Association, and Helsinki Education Consulting group. During their visit, the delegation explored various educational institutions including the Education Ministry, the Finnish National Agency for Education, the Parliament of Finland, the University of Helsinki, public and private preschools, and the Helsinki Education Hub.

A Shared Vision

These partnerships and visits unite organizations and individuals from different countries and sectors, all united in the shared mission of providing the best start in life for every young child. Investing in ECEC not only strengthens the economy but also promotes equality and equity within the nation. Fun Academy is honored to work alongside parties dedicated to empowering children, parents, and educators in Tunisia and Zimbabwe to co-create a brighter future together.

Ministry Collaborations

Fun Academy is happy to host Ministries and other high level delegations visiting Finland and wanting to learn more about both Finnish Education and the Fun Learning approach. We take pride in being able to also introduce our guests to EdTech solutions and innovations of our ecosystem partners.

Our Achievements

- Study tours
- Training onsite
- Resource translations

Ministry of Education of Tunisia, and Embassy of Zimbabwe to Finland, the World Bank

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