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Stop, Slow & Go: Promoting Digital Safety

This initiative provides teachers and students with a fun and interactive way to learn about digital safety. The engaging resources help raise awareness and equip children with the knowledge and skills to navigate the digital space safely.

Worry Booklet and Emotion Game: Supporting Refugee Children

The Worry Booklet and Emotion Game are designed specifically for children with worries or fears. The Kip Crew characters and their narrative approach help children express and cope with their emotions in a playful and engaging manner. These resources provide much-needed support and promote emotional well-being for children even in challenging circumstances.

Body Boundaries Booklet: Empowering Children

The Body Boundaries booklet focuses on educating children about personal boundaries and consent. By incorporating the Kip Crew characters and their narrative, this resource makes it easier for children to understand and implement these important concepts. The fun and approachable nature of the booklet facilitates open discussions and empower children to recognize and assert their boundaries.

These collaborative projects demonstrate the power of fun and engaging resources in delivering effective educational content. By leveraging the Kip Crew characters and their narrative, they create an enjoyable and accessible learning environment that resonates with children, making these educational resources not only informative but also easy to implement and enjoyable to use.

Protecting Children

The Protect Children initiatives, such as the Online Road Safety campaign, the Stop, Slow & Go project, the Worry Booklet and Emotion Game, and the Body Boundaries Booklet, showcase how Fun Academy's Kip Crew characters and narratives bring joy, ease, and effectiveness to these valuable educational resources.

Our Achievements

- Online Road Safety Campaign
- Stop, Slow & Go Project
- Worry Booklet
- Emotion Game
- Body Boundaries Booklet
- Mothers Day Event 2022
- Landing page and delivery

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