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Fun Academy recognizes the importance of tailoring the Parent App to meet the specific requirements of Chinese families, ensuring a seamless and meaningful learning experience.

By joining forces, Fun Academy and MilkCargo have created an exceptional tool that supports parents in nurturing their children's holistic development, fostering a strong parent-child bond, and unlocking the full potential of every child. Together, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and engaging platform that enriches the lives of families enjoying the fun activities together as families.

The app is bilingual: English and Mandarin.

Remake of the Parent App

Fun Academy has chosen to collaborate with MilkCargo to create the China version of the Parent App with a shared vision of empowering families. With a deep understanding of the unique needs and aspirations of Chinese parents and children, MilkCargo brings their expertise in local market insights, cultural sensitivities, and language proficiency.

Our Achievements

- Parent App localization

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