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The project "This Works!" ignites children's excitement for the boundless opportunities technology offers, emphasizing creativity and collaborative problem-solving. Representing various learning styles, interests, and backgrounds, the Kip Crew characters in the project serve as role models, promoting respect for diversity, nurturing curiosity, and cultivating a lifelong passion for learning.

With a growth mindset, the characters encourage students to believe in their ability to acquire new knowledge and skills. Technology Industries of Finland aims to engage and activate students, enabling them to create and engineer their own machines using recycled materials while exploring the world through a mathematical lens. By participating in "This Works!," students gain valuable insights into potential future careers and how technology can positively impact the world.

The Kip Crew characters within the Fun Learning framework serve as a catalyst for children's own activities, promoting the concept of "learning how to learn." The story not only encourages discovering one's own learning strengths but also emphasizes the acceptance that everyone learns at their own pace. By embracing diversity, sharing experiences, working as a team, and seeking support when needed, learning together becomes a joyful experience.

The Kip Crew is not intended to be authoritative instructors or teachers but rather a source of inspiration. Following the Fun Learning approach, children themselves become active agents in creating the story. Their curiosity and engagement play a central role in shaping and developing surprising learning situations, often surpassing adult expectations.

Technology Industries of Finland generously offers the complete "This Works!" concept, including materials, to all first graders free of charge, empowering them to embark on an exciting educational journey.

If you are interested in offering a translation of this free project into a new language and have the means to promote it in your region, feel free to reach out to us for details on how to make it a reality.

This Works!

Developed by Technology Industries of Finland, "This Works!" serves as an exceptional collaborative project for young learners, fostering a dialogue between technology and creativity without isolating technology as a separate entity. While the project provides a foundational structure for activities, our aim is for children to feel excited about the possibilities offered by technology, as learning revolves around creativity and constructive cooperation.

Our Achievements

- Fun Learning and the Kip Crew story in This Works!

Technology Industries of Finland

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