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In collaboration with Protect Children and their trauma experts, we have developed trauma-informed materials specifically designed to aid Ukrainian children in Finland. These resources include the Worry Booklet, the Body Boundaries booklet, and the Emotion game.

Furthermore, in partnership with the Finnish National Agency for Education, we have successfully translated and adapted our Parent App program into Ukrainian. This program has been shared with the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science, and IMZO, under the Learning Together and EU4Skills projects.

We firmly believe that children deserve to receive age-appropriate support and access to playful resources that can provide them with the best possible childhood experience given the circumstances.

Our story-based approach not only engages and empowers children but also enables them to create emotional distance when needed. Through these projects, we aim to foster the development of essential skills that instill hope and trust in their future, ensuring they are equipped with the necessary tools for a brighter tomorrow.

We are proud to collaborate with Technology Industries of Finland, who have made the "This Works!" technology project accessible to Ukrainian schools, providing valuable learning opportunities. Additionally, the Finnish National Agency for Education offers the Glossary of Digital Terms in Ukrainian, facilitating meaningful conversations with children about the digital landscape. These resources educate and empower children to become active participants in navigating the technological and digital realms with confidence and safety, fostering their development as informed and responsible users.


We are continuously working on additional projects, all of which are suitable for adaptation in similar situations where children's everyday lives have been disrupted. Our projects focus on establishing routines to create a sense of stability and resilience, particularly in under-resourced circumstances.

Our Achievements

- Parent App
- Worry Booklet
- Body Boundaries Booklet
- Emotion Game
- Resource Distribution Website (FIN)
- Mothers' Day Event 2022

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