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University partnerships allow us to create meaningful and impactful projects that are based on solid research and benefit from the knowledge and resources universities have to offer. We value the opportunity to work hand in hand with academic institutions to drive positive change in education.

Fun Academy was honored to partner with the Marshall Business School of the University of Southern California (USC) to incorporate a module of our Leadership Kindergarten program into the BUAD 206 Transfer International Experience course. This unique project involved active virtual collaboration and sharing among project groups, leading to the development of a comprehensive set of recommendations for our company. The culmination of the project was a final presentation conducted during an onsite session held in Helsinki, Finland. We are grateful for the opportunity to engage with USC students and benefit from their insights and expertise.

Fun Academy partnered with Texas A&M International University to deliver an on-campus Future Astronaut Training course specifically designed for early childhood educators. It was a great opportunity to collaborate again in Texas, where our program originated: the Future Astronaut program having been created in cooperation with the education experts of NASA in Houston.

Fun Academy collaborates with the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Faculty of psychology, social work and special education, Department of special and inclusive education, to utilize the content from our Parent app in the creation of resources specifically tailored for children with special educational needs (SEN). This collaboration aims to address the unique learning requirements of SEN students and provide them with inclusive and engaging educational materials. By leveraging our expertise in Fun Learning and working closely with academic experts, we strive to develop effective resources that support the diverse learning needs of children with SEN. This partnership enables us to contribute to the advancement of inclusive education and make a positive impact on the learning journey of these students.

In Vietnam Fun Academy collaborates with the Vietnam National University (VNU) in conducting annual audits of TTD preschools. This partnership involves a joint effort between a Fun Academy auditor, who focuses on the implementation of the Fun Learning approach, and an auditing professor from VNU, who evaluates the progress from the perspective of the local curriculum. Through this iterative process, we aim to assess the effectiveness of the Fun Learning approach in the preschools and identify areas for improvement. The findings from these audits inform the design of ongoing training programs for the teaching staff, ensuring continuous growth and development in delivering high-quality education. By working together with VNU, we strive to enhance the preschool experience and promote the adoption of innovative teaching practices in Vietnam.

We initiated our first university collaboration with Helsinki University's CICERO Network in 2013, focusing on researching the impact of animation character visuals and storytelling on children's engagement with learning resources. This partnership paved the way for the establishment of the Playful Learning Center in conjunction with the Teacher Education department. It is worth noting that the University of Helsinki holds a stake in Fun Academy, further strengthening our relationship.

University Collaborations

Fun Academy actively collaborates with research-based projects and strongly encourages local cooperation with universities in countries where we have activities and partners. By engaging in such collaborations, we aim to foster innovation, leverage academic expertise, and contribute to the advancement of education and learning.

Our Achievements

- Training of degree students (education and business)
- Virtual collaboration projects
- Research
- Auditing and curriculum mapping
- Center setup

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