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Celebrating Some Fruits of Partnership

As golden hues of autumn paint our part of the world here in Finland, or turn it gray on rainy and cloudy days like today 😁, it's time to harvest and celebrate the bonds we've nurtured with our incredible partners. These partnerships, among many others, are a testament to the bountiful rewards sown through collaboration. You can probably sense that we owe a lot of thanks also to so many many more partners, and yes, we will continue sharing more about these projects also in the future. Here just a few...

The Kip Crew at the Heart of Our Endeavors

In all of our work, the Fun Learning Kip Crew plays a pivotal role. They infuse every project with joy, storytelling, creativity, inclusivity, and vibrancy. Their voices resonate with children, reminding us to embrace the precious essence of childhood and to honor every child. They are, in fact, the steady hand and guide, that keeps us rooted, guiding us with the wisdom that kindness and respect are the compass to success.

Tuka, Maco, Soca and Waaba embody the spirit and strengths of diversity and collaboration, teaching us to solve problems together, celebrate as one, and build character and a brighter future for children. Together, we cultivate a nurturing haven of education and care we fondly call a Fun Learning space.

Waaba, Soca, Tuka and Maco

Partners in Progress

At Fun Academy, we relish the opportunity to work alongside partners who share our vision: giving children access to the very best learning experiences—and opportunities to play and explore. From the professional development of teachers to the creation of engaging learning resources and memorable events, we function as a cohesive village, united by our commitment to laying the strongest foundation for our children.


As we look back on the latest leg of our journey, there's an undeniable warmth that fills our hearts. The memories of our shared accomplishments are accompanied by a profound sense of gratitude. We've had the privilege of collaborating with exceptional individuals and contributing to remarkable projects that leave a lasting, positive impact.

Innovative Resources

For those seeking resources to empower primary school teachers and equip students with essential life skills in the area of technology, Technology Industries of Finland offers a remarkable school technology program that helps develop life skills that are valuable in all aspects of life. Every teacher should have a look at this phenomenon-based project, totally free of charge to use and enjoy, like half of the Finnish first-graders do each year.

Embracing Emotions

Navigating the landscape of many emotions is an essential skill for children. Fun Academy, in partnership with Protect Children (Suojellaan Lapsia ry.), provides a valuable toolkit, including booklets (in16 languages) and instructions for interactions, designed to help children explore and express their feelings in a developmentally appropriate manner. Together with the partners involved in this project we have so far sent over 30 000 copies of the Worry Booklet to children in Finland.

Empowering Vietnamese Educators

Through our enduring partnership with Tan Thoi Dai, an education group in Vietnam, we've created opportunities for educators to undergo continuous professional development. These educators are dedicated to bringing joy and impactful learning experiences to Vietnamese children, fostering their growth and well-being in an ever-evolving educational landscape. We will be following this progress closely also in the future.

A Bridge of Knowledge

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Finnish National Board of Education for their efforts to translate the parent program of psychosocial support for young families into Ukrainian. Their glossary of digital terms for young children, now available in Ukrainian, is also a valuable resource for teachers and children alike—available in Finnish, Swedish, English and Ukrainian.

Wellbeing through Physical Play

We firmly believe in the connection between physical activity, learning, and overall well-being (in addition to all types of play). Collaborating with low-entry sports like Discgolf and Cornhole, we've highlighted the harmonious interplay between sports and personal development. There is more being developed in this interesting and engaging area, so stay tuned. Ace Disc Golf Management is helping us learn more about the engaging sport of Disc Golf while our team brings a fun pedagogical twist to the projects with our Kip Crew actively involved.

Uniting through Language

And then, there's Earthlingo. The ripple effect of this cool language-learning game has brought together countless individuals in our mission to break down language barriers, creating paths for understanding and unity across cultures. Did you notice that Earthlingo won the AGDAs award of Excellence in Impactful Games? Congratulations, and looking forward to bringing more story and more of the Kip Crew into the game! (Maco is now traveling alone with his jetpack, he is missing his crew dearly!)

Thank you ❤️

The list of individuals and organizations involved in these and other partner projects is extensive, and we couldn't possibly list them all. To each of you, we extend our deep gratitude. Your invaluable contributions have created positive ripples, enriching the lives of the audiences these projects are designed for. Together, we are making the world a better place for our children, and for that, we are thankful.

To you, our reader, we wish many Fun Learning moments while using the various resources available to you that have come out of these amazing partnerships. Check the resources page on this website to access many free materials. Remember that we are eager to do more, so let us know if there is a project somewhere that could benefit from some TLC from the Kip Crew and the Fun Learning approach.

Photo credits: Fun Academy album


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