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Fun Learning With Ace Fun Disc Golf—An Exciting Journey Begins

Photo: Kalevi "Aceman" Louhivuori. James Conrad, Jeremy Koling, Rasmus Saukkoriipi, Nate Sexton and Zoe AnDyke

"Wow, what a fun day of disc golf at Backby! Together with the experts of Ace Disc Golf Management, we have created an amazing family disc golf course concept—with some Kip Crew & Fun Learning magic: The Ace Fun Disc Golf Adventure! The very first course is playable on the grounds of Backby Manor in Espoo, Finland. However, the Kip Crew etiquette can be followed on any course.

The launch event of the first-ever family course in Backby on July 24th was absolutely amazing! Our partner and disc golf ambassador Kalevi “Aceman” Louhivuori had invited a group of world-class players to an invitational competition that was played in honor of the donation of an Ace Fun course to Ukraine. Ilona Pakuliak from the Ukrainian Embassy was the honorary guest of our event.

The donation and event were made possible by the invaluable efforts of the sponsors Backby Manor, Ace Flatpad, Innova, Knorrig, and Mad Croc, and co-sponsors Merrell, Puskasoturit, aDigi, Event Media Group, Fantastico Productions, Georos, Helsingin Lipputehdas, Kilpex Ky, Obolon, and Sieravuori. Thank you all!

We can boast an incredible participation of world-class disc golfers who took to the putting course as if it was there for them - as it most certainly was because the Ace Fun putting course is, in fact, designed with the idea that as it serves as a course for beginners and families, it is also a great practice course for professionals honing their putting skills."

Fun Learning's Role in the Ace Fun Concept

As Zoe AnDyke, Putting World Champion of 2018 puts it:

'Children of all ages can come here with their family and enjoy and learn. These are the types of projects and programs we want to see to make people happier. This a way for families to get everyone outdoors, and getting healthy.'

James Conrad, PDGA World Champion 2021:

'I think it's very cool! I love this course. It's awesome to see small kids and families out here playing disc golf. This doesn't take so much space, like a hectare or so, so it's super cool to have a course like this.'

Matt Bell, Putting World Champion of 2018 describes the Ace Fun course:

'One word I could describe it with would be “fun”. Not only for the little kids, you can come with the whole family, or friends. This is where the most fun happens.'

Jeremy Koling, US Champion 2016:

'I think it's a really fun concept and fantastic because you're bringing hole-in-one's (aces) to all skill levels. This would work well in schools and parks where you have a lot of families. This can translate internationally because it doesn’t take a lot of land. It’s a great concept. You have a recipe for a lot of different ways to enjoy a piece of property.'

Nate Sexton, US Champion 2017 loves it ❤️:

'I love it! There is absolutely room to have a disc golf course that's catering to the 4-9 year old kids. It can be hard to play normal length courses with them, I have a daughter and it's taking ten throws to make it to the basket. She has more fun here: the whole time we were playing she said 'I’m good at this! I'm good at this!' That's nice for her confidence, and for her out-fun. Adults too - even if you’re a serious player like me, it's still good to practice those long putts and tricky approaches. This can be fun at any skill level.'

Photo: The Aceman Invitational Competition podium - Matt Bell, Jeremy Kolin and Gregg Barsby

Video: Philo Brathwhaite's thoughts about the Ace Fun course during an interview with "Aceman", Philo is the Tim Selinske US Masters Champion 2023

Fun Academy promotes team sports like disc golf because we believe that learning happens best when it's combined with fun and cooperation. Playing team sports helps develop essential skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving. Disc golf also encourages physical activity and outdoor play in beautiful natural surroundings, important for both physical and mental well-being. Fun Academy aims to create positive and enjoyable learning experiences that foster personal growth, social connections, and a sense of belonging to a supportive community.

The Kip Crew Disc Golf Team, consisting of Maco, Soca, Waaba, and Tuka, has compiled a set of etiquette rules that not only enhance the enjoyment of disc golf but also provide valuable insights that extend beyond the course. Each tee promotes one part of our etiquette, while connecting it to the real world outside the sporting scene.

Video: Professional Disc Golf World Champion 2017 Gregg Barsby has something to say about the Ace Fun Disc Golf Adventure before you read more below about what we can learn from disc golf etiquette

The Etiquette of Ace Fun Disc Golf in Fun Learning Words

Tee #1: "You are responsible for your own throws!"

Maco, the enthusiastic leader of the Kip Crew, shares the first rule of etiquette at the Ace Fun putter course's first tee. It's not just about aiming for the target, but also being aware of our surroundings and ensuring our throws don't cause harm to anyone or anything.

Responsibility, as Maco explains, extends to life outside the course as well. By being accountable for our actions, we learn to manage our emotions, show respect, and act responsibly in all aspects of life.

Tee #2: "Preserve and respect nature."

Soca, the nature loving member of the Kip Crew, emphasizes the importance of valuing the natural surroundings on the disc golf course. This rule inspires us to appreciate and protect the environment that adds to the beauty and joy of the game.

Respecting nature goes beyond the course, reminding us to be mindful of our planet and safeguard its well-being.

Tee #3: "Respect the need for concentration during players' throws."

Waaba stresses the significance of creating a supportive atmosphere for all players to focus and perform their best.

Beyond disc golf, this rule urges us to grant others the time and space they need, showing respect and consideration in all interactions.

Tee #4: "Allow faster teams to pass to prevent unnecessary waiting times."

Tuka shares a courtesy rule that reminds us to be mindful of faster players and let them pass.

This rule also holds relevance beyond disc golf, encouraging us to respect the pace of others in various situations.

Tee #5: "Throw only when the area is clear."

Tuka admits her struggle with this rule, as it requires careful observation of surroundings before throwing.

The importance of being aware extends to life beyond the game, promoting respect and consideration for others in all situations.

Tee #6: "Instruct new players in a kind and polite manner."

Waaba's rule highlights the spirit of assisting newcomers and fostering camaraderie on the course. By welcoming and helping those new to the game, we embrace learning together and apply the same attitude in our broader interactions.

This fosters inclusivity and empathy, qualities that also extend to embracing and celebrating the diversity of cultures worldwide.

Tee #7: "Remember to leave the course tidy."

Soca's love for nature drives this rule, emphasizing the importance of keeping the course clean.

This practice aligns with broader sustainability principles and serves as a positive contribution to the environment.

Tee #8: "Please take any disc you find on the grounds to the lost and found by the reception."

Maco urges us to treat others' equipment with care and help return lost discs.

Beyond disc golf, this rule reflects the value of respecting and preserving our possessions and surroundings.

Tee #9: "Foster sportsmanship by inspiring competitors to reach higher levels of performance."

The Kip Crew comes together to cheer for this rule, promoting trust, support, and encouragement among players. This spirit extends beyond the course, showing the power of teamwork and camaraderie in all aspects of life.

The Ace Fun Disc Golf Adventure is more than just a game. It provides a platform to learn valuable life lessons through etiquette rules set by the Kip Crew. These rules extend beyond the course, encouraging responsibility, respect, kindness, and sportsmanship in all interactions.

We invite children to actively engage with these rules and reflect on their application in real-life situations, fostering a positive and empowering learning experience. With a commitment to supporting sustainable practices and creating a welcoming environment, our disc golf course exemplifies the Fun Academy ethos of Fun Learning.

When you enjoy a round on an Ace Fun course, you will receive instructions on how to talk about the secrets of this wonderful sport and the Kip Crew etiquette with your children.

We will soon share more tips on how to utilize the course environment for more Fun Learning opportunities, and we will also share more about the components of an Ace Fun course, so stay tuned and follow our blog! Maybe you will soon have an Ace Fun Disc Golf Adventure to enjoy nearby...

For more info about how to get a Fun Ace Course to your part of the world, contact Albin Hämäläinen of Ace Disc Golf Management Ltd:

Photo credits: Ace Disc Golf Management and Fun Academy

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