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The Fun Learning Rain Song

Fun Learning Rain Song

Rain Song

The soft feel-good instrumental Rain Song can have multiple use cases in a preschool setting beyond nap time where we have used it the most to create a soothing atmosphere with the perfect rhythm for comfort and relaxation.

Here are some additional ideas to put to a test in your Fun Learning environment:

You might want to play the Rain Song softly as children arrive in the morning to create a calm and welcoming feeling. It can help ease the transition from home to school, mark the beginning of a new Fun Learning day, and set a peaceful tone.

For Mindfulness, Relaxation, and Emotional Regulation

Introduce the Rain Song during mindfulness or relaxation sessions to help children practice deep breathing, meditation, or visualization exercises. The gentle rhythm can promote active relaxation and inner calm. After such practice you can utilize the Rain Song as a tool for emotional regulation and self-calming. When children are feeling overwhelmed or upset, listening to the calming melody can help them regulate their emotions and find comfort.

To Support Sensory Exploration

Children can listen to the song while engaging with different textures, temperatures, and sensations, enhancing their sensory awareness if you incorporate the Rain Song into sensory exploration activities, such as sensory bins or tactile experiences with water. Try playing the song also with dimmed lighting to see if it has a different effect.

Inspiring Creative Expression

Encourage children to express themselves creatively while listening to the Rain Song. Provide art materials like watercolors or crayons and invite them to paint or draw what they imagine when they hear the sound of rain falling. You can also talk about water and rain as a topic, connecting the music to your learning theme, or then just let the music inspire their imagination.

Copyright Fun Academy

Music: Salla Hakkola

Vocalists: Amanda Kauranne and Tero Pajunen

Clarinet, Bass Clarinet: Sami Kurppa

Violin: Kukka Lehto

Piano: Antti Kujanpää

Kantele, Accordion, Bass: Esko Grundström

Percussion: Sara Puljula

Recording & Mixing: Esko Grundström

Mastering: Riku Kantola

Recorded at Kallio-Kuninkaala, Esko Grundström's studio and Rovio Audio Studio


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