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Earthlingo: A Language Learning Game—Behind the Screen

In an age where digital screens often take center stage, the essence of language learning as an essential offline skill should not be overlooked. A foreign language teacher’s role goes beyond imparting vocabulary and grammar; it's about equipping our students with practical communication tools for real-life scenarios.

Fun Academy recognizes this crucial aspect and has supported Earthlingo, a cool language learning game, by adding the Kip Crew characters and Fun Learning approach to the mix. Let us share with you why this innovative tool holds a special place in our teaching toolkit, while briefly also addressing the concerns surrounding excessive screen time.

The Authentic Learning Context is our Gateway to Real-Life Language Skills

Earthlingo is not an average learning platform, it offers an immersive 3D world experience that resonates with our students. Language teachers understand that real-life contextualization even when cramming the vocabulary of a new language is pivotal in engaging the students. This game integrates the Kip Crew characters, slowly weaving a captivating narrative that resonates with students' experiences and interests.

With Earthlingo, language learning becomes more than a task; it's a fun game that connects classroom lessons with the world around them, making it easier and faster to remember what they have learned. You could actually argue that language learning gets your brain to reward itself with rapid dopamine boosts.

Languages as Cultural Bridges

One of the prime objectives of language education is to foster cultural and language awareness and understanding. Earthlingo's incorporation of multiple languages enables students to eventually immerse themselves in various cultures, sometimes awakening their interest by just taking a peak into a level in any of the other 27 languages in the game. As educators, we strive to create global citizens who embrace diversity. Earthlingo, by providing an engaging context for language learning, helps us achieve this goal.

A Mindful Approach to Screen Time

The concern about excessive screen time is a valid one, especially in today's digital era. However, Earthlingo stands apart from mere screen-based applications designed for passive consumption. It's designed to serve as a tool that effectively complements traditional methods, minimizing the downsides of prolonged screen exposure or sitting with the bore of printed word lists. The game format engages students with language learning in a holistic manner. The integration of real-world scenarios ensures that students enhance their language skills in a relevant context, helping them memorize what they learn.

Practical Application and Multilingual Communication

The ultimate goal is to equip students with skills that extend beyond the classroom walls. Earthlingo is designed precisely with this in mind. We understand the significance of enabling our students to confidently navigate real-life interactions in the language they are learning.

Language proficiency transcends linguistic boundaries; it enhances social connections and global relationships. In our multicultural world, the ability to communicate in different languages is a precious skill. The game and Kip Crew storyline help students picture language learning as a social bridge that encourages them to engage with people from various backgrounds, both online and offline.

Empowering Future-Ready Learners

Our mission is to prepare students for their future roles as global citizens and professionals, to equip them with the language tools they need to excel in an interconnected world. Incorporating Earthlingo as one tool in our toolbox shows our commitment to holistic language education. It's about harnessing the power of technology while keeping a keen eye on real-world language application.

P.S. If you’re a language teacher, follow this blog for a future post with 10 TIPS on how to connect Earthlingo to what's going on in your real-life classroom 😁 , and do check out this game as a potential tool to add to your toolbox

The laurel heading this post (added on 1.9.2023) is awarded to Earthlingo as a finalist in the category of excellence in impactful games in the Australian Game Developer Awards 2023 (AGDAs).


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