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Ignite Success—Elevate Your Brand With Fun Academy's Unique Collaborative Opportunities

At Fun Academy, the possibilities of partnership with brands, companies, and projects are virtually limitless!

We specialize in creating engaging experiences that seamlessly integrate with a company's or institution’s products and services. But there's more to it than that. We're selective in our partnerships, choosing organizations that align with our values and long-term strategies, supporting their missions in sustainable and forward-thinking ways.

So, what does this mean in simpler terms?

We collaborate with organizations and professionals who, like us, are forward-focused. Together, we envision the future and our role in it—the future of their company, the well-being of their team, and the world we're shaping for generations to come. More precisely, we're dedicated to equipping the next generation with the skills and inspiration they need to tackle the challenges that lie ahead, both for themselves and the world at large.

Let's break it down further:

For instance, Technology Industries of Finland is dedicated to inspiring children and youth to explore careers in the tech industry. In a world increasingly reliant on digital solutions to address complex problems, technological literacy is essential.

Another example is our partnership with Protect Children (Suojellaan lapsia ry), an association committed to preventing child abuse through innovative solutions. We actively engage in projects that provide children, parents, and teachers with tools to navigate emotions, express boundaries, and foster respect.

Furthermore, we're proud to be involved in numerous projects that offer support to children and families in Ukraine, including those who have fled the country due to the ravages of war.

We also bring our pedagogical expertise to products and services aimed at encouraging families to embrace outdoor activities. Whether it's through disc golf or cornhole, we offer concepts that are perfect for various events and team-building activities. And when it comes to executive-level teams, we integrate our expertise into strategy sessions, ensuring confidentiality and turnkey solutions.

Our track record includes collaborations with esteemed organizations like the National Board of Education in Finland, the World Bank, EU projects, ministries, universities, corporations, and schools. You can find details on some of these projects in the 'Work' section of our website, while others are conducted more discreetly, tailored to the unique goals and preferences of our partners.




board games,

digital solutions,

and events—our experienced team of pedagogical experts, brand strategists, textbook publishers, storytellers, artists, and marketing professionals are ready to support every facet of your campaign or solution.

Every project we embark on is meticulously customized to meet our partner's specific needs. There's no one-size-fits-all approach because each partner is distinct, with varying audiences, messages, products, and brands. However, they all share a common commitment to innovation and a forward-looking mindset, as well as a genuine desire to make a positive impact while excelling in their business endeavors.

Have you thought about how commercial brands can create competitive advantage by teaching consumers something new—for example about sustainability, culture or maybe some useful skills?

If yes, and if your project or commercial brand is looking for that edge, we have great news for you:

Our pedagogical system for brand communication, starring the fun illustrated Kip Crew characters, is designed to create inspiring and educational experiences in both physical and digital environments for all ages.

Do you want to know how the Fun Academy pedagogical system for brand communication works?

Photo credits: Ace Disc Golf Management Oy, and Fun Academy


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