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Secrets of Fun Learning—Influencer KaJie Explores Happy Education

Learning can be viewed from various perspectives, which may include individual or cultural viewpoints that differ significantly. Education is a constantly evolving field where continuous development is not only encouraged but imperative. Our Fun Learning approach revolves around partnerships with educators and students. From wherever we are viewing this topic our goal is to assist teachers in their continuous professional development, promote a culture of excellence in teamwork among teaching staff, and infuse classrooms with immersive experiences.

Occasionally, the term 'fun' can raise eyebrows in the context of education, not always associated with joy. Rebekka Mikkola addresses this perception in her social media video aimed at her Chinese audience.

Our Fun Learning Approach

Adding to Rebekka’s thoughts, we might want to emphasize that the fun we wish to instill into learning experiences is not meant to ensure that specific pieces of information stick in the minds of our students. What we aim for is to cultivate a love for learning, trust in one's own abilities to learn, belief in fostering intrinsic motivation, and, in general, addressing the motivation issue. On one hand, this is about education, but even more importantly, we are looking to find ways to respect childhood as an important time in life, a time for children to enjoy. Meanwhile, we strive to identify sensitive periods that make learning more efficient, all while being fun and natural.

Rebekka's Unique Perspective

Rebekka Mikkola, known as 'KaJie' on Chinese social media, boasts an impressive following with over two million devoted fans on her Chinese social media accounts. Her captivating videos have garnered millions of views–with a whopping figure of more than 100 million per best performing postsshowcasing her unique perspective.

Rebekka's connection to China runs deep, as she has lived in both Taiwan and Mainland China, experiencing the culture during her formative years and as an adult. Her language skills are truly remarkable, encompassing fluent Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Minnan, and even a dialect from northeastern China.

Bridging Culture and Education

Rebekka actively engages her audience on social media, offering intriguing glimpses into Finnish culture and quirks, all while sharing her life in Finland. As an influencer, Rebekka aligns herself with causes that resonate deeply with her, with education ranking high on her list of passions.

Championing Fun Learning

In one of her recent videos (above), Rebekka takes on the topic of Fun Learning in her signature entertaining style. The question at the forefront: Will Fun Learning, often dubbed "happy education," have detrimental effects on your child? It's a concern that resonates with many Chinese parents, and Rebekka delves into the heart of the matter.

As Rebekka explores the intriguing world of Fun Learning, she ponders, "What is FUN education, and will it harm your child?" Her journey takes her to Metsäpirtti, a Finnish nature-based kindergarten where fun and learning coexist harmoniously by design. It's a concept that has gained immense popularity in the west but has yet to find its footing in China.

Promoting Positive Attitudes

In her candid opinion, Rebekka shares, "I once heard an expert say that communication is 70% feeling and 30% content." It's a sentiment that rings true, even more so for children. If a child feels stressed or unhappy, their ability to absorb information diminishes. However, when a child is comfortable, happy, and excited to attend kindergarten, they are in the ideal mindset to absorb the knowledge being offered.

Rebekka's concise but on-target video raises a crucial question: Can we foster a positive attitude toward learning? Does it not make sense to trust that we learn best when curiosity thrives and external pressures are minimized? These are questions Rebekka leaves her audience to ponder, igniting a thoughtful conversation about the future of education.

We'll be keeping a close eye on this topic, eagerly following the comments Rebekka receives from her followers. Follow us to learn more 😁

Photo credits: Rebekka Mikkola, and Saara Viteli (Kindergarten Päiväkoti Metsäpirtti, Finland)

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